Transit in Singapore

Customers transiting through Singapore Changi Airport can learn more about the transit requirements and experience here.

Please note that the transit time in Singapore must not exceed 48 hours.

You should also read the information provided by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore.

Before you book

Check if your connections are available

Most connections through Singapore Changi Airport are available. However, specific restrictions apply for the following countries/regions: 

Mainland China
You cannot transit through Singapore to a destination in Mainland China. Services from Mainland China to Singapore remain unaffected. Passengers departing from Mainland China will be allowed to transfer through Singapore Changi Airport en route to their final destinations.     

Flying from your departure city

Pre-departure Covid-19 test no longer required

Travellers, including Singapore citizens and permanent residents, transiting through Singapore will no longer be required to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test. This is only applicable to passengers who are fully vaccinated as determined by the World Health Organisation.

Pre-departure Covid-19 tests are also not required for travellers aged 2 and below (as of calendar year). Please note that while infants are exempted from the pre-departure test requirement to transit through Singapore, they may still be required to produce a valid negative Covid-19 test certificate if it is required for entry into their planned destination.

Complete pre-departure health declaration

You will be screened for signs of illnesses and asked to declare your health status at your departure airport. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illnesses, you will not be allowed on board.

Wear a face mask

You are required to wear a face mask throughout your flight, except at mealtimes. Children under the age of six are exempted from wearing a mask on board. Most airports will also require you to wear a face mask, so please ensure you pack spares before leaving home.

Transiting at Singapore Changi Airport

Transit area & lounge access

There are no restrictions for transit passengers at Changi Airport, whether in the transit areas or lounges.

Medical symptoms

You will be attended to by the medical staff if you have any of the following symptoms during transit: fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, anosmia, or shortness of breath.

Arriving at your destination

Arriving in Singapore

If your final destination is Singapore, please remember to complete the SG Arrival Card before checking in at the airport. It is also a good practice to keep a safe distance in the immigration queues and at the baggage claim area.

Disembarking elsewhere

Upon arriving at your final destination, please remember to practise safe distancing in the immigration queues and at the baggage claim area.

For further information on transiting through Singapore Changi Airport, please click here.