Flights to Pacific Islands

Book flights to the Pacific Islands with Air New Zealand and enjoy the tropical paradise that awaits.
  • Fiji has amazing beaches, sunny skies and gorgeous resorts, made all the more special by the warmth of its people.  
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  • Experience a diverse tropical destination with flights to this pacific island paradise. 
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  • Fly into Niue to see the largest raised coral atoll on earth surrounded by deep blue ocean.  
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  • From the moment you touch down in Rarotonga and breathe in the heady scent of frangipani flowers, you’ll feel relaxed. 
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  • Relax on powdered beaches or play in the relatively undiscovered surfing paradise of Samoa. 
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  • Enjoy some Pacific Island time with flights to Tahiti, a sweet relaxed atmosphere awaits. 
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  • Experience life in a tropical kingdom that keeps its ancient traditions alive. 
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