Connecting at London Heathrow

Air New Zealand flights to and from London Heathrow Airport operate out of Terminal 2.

UK domestic connections

Domestic connections within the United Kingdom are operated on our behalf by British Airways and Aer Lingus. British Airways flights within the UK and to/from Ireland operate out of Terminal 5. Aer Lingus flights operate out of Terminal 2.

Boarding passes are unable to be issued by British Airways or Aer Lingus but checked-in bags will be through checked to your final destination.

Please collect your Air New Zealand boarding passes at the Air New Zealand Transfer desk in Terminal 2 which can be located by following the purple signs to 'Flight Connections' on arrival at Heathrow.

International arrivals into London Heathrow

If you hold a boarding pass and luggage is labelled to final UK or European destination - follow the purple 'Flight Connections' signs upon arrival at Terminal 2. Proceed through Security and Passport Control where staff will give directions to the departure gate and terminal for the onward flight. For flights operating from a terminal other than Terminal 2, bus transfers are available.

If you do not hold a boarding pass for the next flight these can be collected at the relevant airlines transfer desk at the Flight Connections Centre. Customs Clearance will be at final UK or European destination.

If you do not hold a boarding pass from your final destination and your luggage has not been checked right through to your final UK destination - i.e. your baggage receipt shows 'LHR' - clear immigration, retrieve your checked-in baggage, clear customs and check in for the onward flight.

Map of Terminal 2