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We offer a range of services tailored to what is important to you.

Whether it's speed you need or a price to fit your budget, we have the options to suit. Choose the features important to you and select the service which will make it work.

  • Delivers the most highly specialised service for ad hoc cargo, with the best drop off and collection times available. 
  • Provides permanent allocated capacity and the best drop off and collection times available. 
  • Supplies a solution for customers with greater flexibilty for drop off and collection times. 
  • Every year we transport thousands of live animals around New Zealand and abroad. Needless to say, we know our stuff. We can arrange the safe and timely travel for your pet or livestock. 
    Get your animal ready to fly
Guaranteed space for ad hoc




Drop off time

3h ETD1

Latest available

Latest available

Collection time




Allocated capacity




Uplift priority




1 Estimated time of departure

All of our passenger aircraft have temperature controls in the pressurised cargo hold to accommodate a wide variety of general and specialised cargo. To be safe, you should not plan on shipping any piece that exceeds 64" (161cm) in height, 120" (302cm) in length and 86" (216cm) in width as cargo. Check out our container guide for exact specifications or contact us if you are unsure.

Perishable cargo

Our on-aircraft temperature control and chiller/freezer capacity at airports allow specialised services for perishables, such as fresh food and medical products.

Non standard cargo

There will be times when you will need to move cargo which requires special handling such as livestock, a valuable Monet painting, dangerous goods or human remains. You will need to contact us for a customised solution.

Service restrictions

GoGeneral is available for dry goods, human remains, pets, perishables and dangerous goods.
GoPriority is availble for dry goods, biological products, valuable cargo and perishables. Contact us if you are unsure.

Excess or oversized baggage

Travelling on an international flight with three or more bags or items over 23kg? If they weigh under 32kg and fit in the aircraft cargo hold to your destination, we can offer a special rate for them to travel as 'cargo'. Contact us.

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