Top 10 authentic adventures in Buenos Aires

The heart of Argentine culture for more than 450 years, Buenos Aires is a melting pot of ethnic groups and time-honoured traditions.

If you're interested in culture, a holiday in Buenos Aires will fit you like a glove. This city wears its uniqueness with pride. Every building, plaza, park and statue tells a story, and together they spin a rollicking tale of fervent politics, passionate creativity and family values.

1. Uncover the story behind the Caminito

The craziest part of La Boca is the Caminito, a street of colourful houses that ties back to Italian immigrants from the city of Genoa. Today the area is funky and creative - the perfect place for a half-day of exploration, eating and art shopping. What's with the kooky colours? Connect with a local guide and you'll find out why.

2. Discover buried history at Recoleta Cemetery

It may seem unusual to add a graveyard to your list of architectural highlights, but we recommend you catch a cab to Recoleta Cemetery to uncover Argentina's past. Alongside other historical figures of Argentine history, you can find the evocative grave of Eva Perón. Wander among the art deco and modernist mausoleums and keep an eye out for Freemason symbols.

3. Become a fearless Gaucho for the day

Fancy yourself as a bit of a cowboy or cowgirl? Take a day trip to a ranch in Los Cardeles and go horseback riding, gaucho-style! A traditional Argentine 'parrillada' barbecue lunch with local malbec wine is followed by a display of amazing horse-riding and weapon-throwing skills by expert local gauchos.

4. Eat and dance the night away at Puerto Madero

Stroll across the Puente de La Mujer (Bridge of Woman) to reach this sparkling port-side neighborhood. As daylight fades, join with locals at the steak and seafood restaurants for dinner and mate (traditional tea). When you've had your fill, head to tango clubs like Rojo Tango or Asia de Cuba to dance the night away.

5. Embark on an architectural adventure 

The architecture of Buenos Aires is truly something to get excited about. There's Greco-Roman, art nouveau, art deco, neoclassical, Spanish colonial, baroque, neo-renaissance, neo-romantic, Asian-Indian revival…and so on and so forth. To really understand all the angles and fiddly bits, take an architecture tour with an expert.

6. Hang out with the locals at Feria de Mataderos

The Feria De Mataderos provides an authentic festival atmosphere. Every Sunday from 11:00am to 8:00pm at Avenida Lisandro de la Torre, you'll find regional crafts and food, tango displays that will set your heart-aflutter and gauchos on their magnificent horses. You can even sign up for boleadoras and learn to be a gaucho yourself!

7. Journey into the past at El Zanjón de Granados

Descend underground to an incredible urban archeology project where you'll discover the ghosts of tradition and the origins of Buenos Aires. In the 1830s, excavations in an old mansion uncovered the ancient Zanjón (ravine) under the city. Five centuries of history are laid bare in this maze of ancient Spanish townships.

8. Catch a show at the breathtaking Teatro Colon

The Teatro Colón oozes grandeur and has been an important part of life in Buenos Aires since 1857. The original theatre was replaced in 1890 with the one you see today. It reopened in 2010 after a breathtaking $100 million renovation. Purchase tickets in advance online to ensure you don't miss out.

9. Tour the remarkable Casa Rosada

In 1951, Eva Perón made her famous speech from the balcony of the 'Pink House' to her supporters packed into Plaza de Mayo below. The unique pink hue is likely due to the 19th century practice of mixing white paint with cow blood. Free guided tours of this historic house operate on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, but you need to book.

10. Centro Cultural Kirchner for an unforgettable performance

A former post office, Centro Cultural Kirchner was refurbished in 2015. It's now a grand building that hosts a variety of exhibitions, yoga and dance classes, and also concerts. Book in to see a show here and watch some local or international talent, from Argentina's National Orchestra to New York jazz.