Check-in/Transit at Changi Airport

Check-in at Changi Airport for your flight to New Zealand 

If your journey to New Zealand starts in Singapore, you can check-in for your flight at Changi Airport Terminal 3; you'll find the Air New Zealand counter in row 8.

You can also check in online or with the Air NZ app. Learn more here.

The check in counter is open 3 hours before, and will close 1 hour before your flight's scheduled time of departure. Following check-in, it shouldn't take more than an hour to clear immigration & security.

This is great for passengers that may want to check in their bags, pick up their boarding pass & explore Changi Jewel.


Transit at Changi Airport for your flight to New Zealand

If your journey to New Zealand began somewhere else & you're just transiting in Singapore, you can check in at Transfer Desk B in terminal 3 without having to clear immigration & customs. You can learn more about transiting at Changi here.

However, If you arrived in Singapore on a low cost carrier or third-party (this is usually indicated by having 2 separate references for your 2 separate flights) you will need to clear immigration and customs with their baggage, and check-in at the Air New Zealand counter in Terminal 3. If you're not sure if this is you, call our team on 800 852 5021 and confirm with them.