Vancouver, Canada.

Flights to Canada: Adventures in the Great White North

Experience Canada

Feel the rush and hear the roar of the Niagara Falls on your Canada holiday. Don look-alike rain gear with fellow tourists and cruise to the base of a boiling cataract, then dry off and head downtown for quirky museums and kitsch souvenirs. Canada's super-cities promise a different kind of rush. Fix yourself a fashion makeover in the edgy boutiques of downtown Toronto. Or venture to Vancouver for fun fiord-kayaking, spicy Asian fusion cuisine and hip cocktail bars.

Back to nature

The sheer Canadian Rockies wow even the most jaded traveller. Find out why when carving up metres-thick powder on a heli-ski adventure or cruising between glaciers in a panorama-tastic Via Rail car. The Northwest Territories promise Canadian wilderness at its rawest. Wrap up in animal pelts to mush along the permafrost on a dogsled. Keep your peepers peeled after dark for nature's finest psychedelic light show: the Northern Lights.

Get cultured

Canadian culture begins with the First Nations. Vividly painted totem poles in British Columbia and chanting Mi'kmaq dancers in Newfoundland drive home the point should you forget. Tour the stately Parliament buildings in capital city Ottawa after your flight to Canada. This little slice of oh-so-regal Britain lies in Northern Ontario, a mere 5,000km from Buckingham Palace. You'll find French laissez-faire in Quebec, a romantic blend of cobbled streets, turreted hotels and pain au chocolat for breakfast.

Eat and drink

Looking for love? It couldn't hurt to dive into a plate of Prince Edward Island oysters, melt-in-your-mouth delicious whatever the state of your love life. Less stimulating but no less delicious is Quebecois poutine, a decadent combination of chips, cheese curds and brown gravy. Match dessert with an Ontario ice wineharvested just as the grapes form their late-year ice crystals.

Fast facts

Population: Some 34 million people call Canada home, around 22 per cent of whom speak only French.

Key dates: The first Europeans to visit Canada were Norsemen, around 1000 AD. Canada was confederated as a country on July 1, 1867.

Did you know? Some say the name Canada comes from 'kanata', an Iroquoian word meaning 'village'. Others believe it to be a Mohawk term meaning the same thing.

Getting about: Major Canadian metropolitan areas offer good mass transit services. Go Via Rail for coast-to-coast rail travel.

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